Special sessions

Session 1: Functional Analysis

Luis Bernal Gonzalez - Universidad de Sevilla
Maximally divergent Fourier series in the disc algebra

Guillermo P. Curbera - Universidad de Sevilla
Weak Banach-Saks and Radon-Nikodym properties in function spaces

Andreas Debrouwere - Universiteit Gent
On the non-triviality of certain spaces of analytic functions. Ultrahyperfunctions and hyperfunctions of fast growth

Celine Esser - Université de Liège
Multifractal analysis of the divergence of wavelet series

Manuel Gonzalez - Universidad de Cantabria
Banach spaces admitting many complemented subspaces.

Karl Grosse-Erdmann - Université de Mons
On upper frequent hypercyclicity

Quentin Menet - Université de Mons
Periodic points at the service of hypercyclicity

Jose Angel Pelaez - Universidad de Málaga
Integral operators mapping into H∞.

Antonio M. Peralta - Universidad de Granada
Additivity of 2-local and weak-2-local maps on C*-algebras

Alfred Peris - Universitat Politècnica de València
Set-Valued Chaos in Linear Dynamics

Jean Schmets - Université de Liège
My friend Manuel Valdivia

Juan Benigno Seoane Sepúlveda - Universidad Complutense de Madrid
Isomorphic copies of l1 for m-homogeneous non-analytic Bohnenblust-Hille polynomials

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Françoise Bastin, José Bonet, Catherine Finet, Domingo García, Jasson Vindas

Session 2: Model Theory and Applications

Enrique Casanovas - Universidad de Barcelona
On dependently embedded sets

Pablo Cubides Université Lille 1
P-minimality and p-adic integration

Nathanael Mariaule - Université Paris Diderot
Expansion of valued fields by multiplicative subgroup

Amador Martín-Pizarro - CNRS-Université Lyon 1
A simple remark

Daniel Palacín - Universität Münster
Superrosy division rings

T. Servi - Université Paris Diderot
Oscillatory integrals and o-minimality

Luis F. Tabera - Universidad de Cantabria
Geometric constructions as a transfer tool in Tropical Geometry

A. Weiermann – Universiteit Gent
On generalized Goodstein sequences

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Elías Baro, Raf Cluckers, Françoise Point

Session 3: Algebra and Number Theory

Ana Agore - Vrije Universiteit Brussel
Artin and Hilbert type theorems for Lie algebras

Diego Aranda-Orna – Universidad de Zaragoza
Gradings on exceptional simple Jordan systems and structurable algebras

Mitchell Buckley - Macquaire University
On bialgebroids and warpings

Mauricio Caicedo - Vrije Universiteit Brussel
On the Prime Graph Question for symmetric groups

Ann Kiefer - Bielefeld University
Units in Integral Group Rings via Fundamental Domains and Hyperbolic Geometry

Esperanza López Centella - Universidad de Granada
Weak wreath products and weak quantum duplicates

Santiago Molina - University of Luxembourg
Darmon points on modular abelian varieties over totally real fields

Alexander D. Rahm - Université du Luxembourg
Homological torsion originating from finite subgroups

Ivan Shestakov - University of Sao Paulo
Nonmatrix varieties for some classes of non associative algebras

Carolina Vallejo Rodríguez – Universitat de València
The self-normalizing case of the McKay conjecture

Jasper Van Hirtum – KU Leuven
On the Distribution of Frobenius of Weight $2$ Eigenforms with Quadratic Coefficient Field

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Stef Caenepeel, Consuelo Martínez, Antonio Rojas, Gabor Wiese

Session 4: Partial Differential Equations

Jean-Baptiste Casteras - Université Libre de Bruxelles
Standing wave solutions for a nonlinear Schrödinger equation with mixed dispersion

José Carmona - Universidad de Almería
Nonlinear elliptic singular systems with quadratic gradient lower order terms

Rafael López-Soriano - Universidad de Granada
Liouville type equations with sign-change data

Manon Nys - Torino
On the eigenvalues of Aharonov-Bohm operators with varying poles

Alberto Saldaña . Université Libre de Bruxelles
On the extended Allen-Cahn equation

Antonio Suárez - Universidad de Sevilla
Some problems arising in population dynamics with non-linear diffusion

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Denis Bonheure, Salvador Villegas

Session 5: Algebraic Geometry and Singularities

María Alberich Carramiñana – Universidad Politécnica de Cataluña
Constancy regions of mixed multiplier ideals in rational surface singularities

Wouter Castryck - Universiteit Gent
Geometric invariants encoded in the Newton polygon

Thomas Cauwbergs - University of Bielefeld
Splicing and zeta functions

Ana Belén de Felipe – BCAM
Topology of spaces of valuations and geometry of singularities

Roi Docampo - ICMAT
The arc space of the Grassmannian

Javier Fernández de Bobadilla – BCAM

Yongqiang Liu - KU Leuven
Nearby cycles and Alexander modules of hypersurface complements

Jorge Martín Morales – Centro Universitario de la Defensa de Zaragoza
On the 2-Jordan blocks for the eigenvalue l=1 of isolated singularities

Julio José Moyano Fernández – Universitat Jaume I
I On the estimation of numerical invariants of a graded module in terms of its Hilbert series

Elisa Postinghel - KU Leuven
Positivity of divisors on blown-up projective spaces

Mathias Schulze - Technische Universität Kaiserslautern
Duality on value semigroups

Botong Wang - University of Wisconsin
A family of symplectic-complex Calabi-Yau manifolds that are nonKahler

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Nero Budur, Antonio Campillo, Francisco Monserrat, Wim Veys

Session 6: Dynamical Systems and ODE

Roberto Barrio - Universidad de Zaragoza
Coexistence of hyperchaos and chaos: a Computer-assisted proof

Timoteo Carletti - Université de Namur
A journey in the zoo of Turing patterns

Daniel Casanova - Centro Universitario de la Defensa / Universidad de Zaragoza
Space Debris in the Geostationary region as a Dynamical System

Peter De Maesschalck - Universiteit Hasselt
Slow-fast Bogdanov-Takens bifurcations in an application

David Farrelly - Utah State University
The role of chaos in the formation of binary objects in the Kuiper-belt

Karel Kenens - Universiteit Hasselt
Summability of canard-heteroclinic saddle connections

Miguel Marañón - Universidad de La Rioja
Exterior discrete semi-flows and applications

Carmen Núñez - Universidad de Valladolid
Dissipativity in nonautonomous linear-quadratic control processes

Mercè Ollé - Universidad Politécnica de Cataluña
The parabolic RTBP. Interchange of mass after a close encounter between galaxies

Ana M. Sanz - Universidad de Valladolid
Persistence of non-autonomous Nicholson's systems

Enrique Vigil - Universidade de Oporto / Universidad de Oviedo
Expanding Baker Maps: A class of piecewise linear 2-D maps

Jeroen Wynen - Universiteit Hasselt
Normal forms near a symmetric planar saddle connection

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Peter De Maesschalck, Freddy Dumortie, Santiago Ibáñez, Jesús Palacián

Session 7: Probability and Statistics

Aritz Ardin - Universidad Pública de Navarra
Spatio-temporal P-splines models in Bayesian disease mapping

Christian Döbler - University of Luxembourg
Recent developments in Stein's method

Irène Gijbels - KU Leuven
Nonparametric conditional copula estimation and applications

Els Goetghebeur - Universiteit Gent
Targeted penalized regression for cost e ectivecausal e ect estimation

James Thompson - University of Luxembourg
Heat kernel formulae and the Brownian bridge to a submanifold

Anna Kiriliouk - Université Catholique de Louvain
A continuous updating weighted least squares estimator of tail dependence in high dimensions

Arthur Pewsey - Universidad de Extremadura
SAS distributions

Maurizia Rossi - University of Luxembourg
Non-Universality of Nodal Length Distribution for Arithmetic Random Waves

Cristina Rueda - Universidad de Valladolid
Circular Isotonic Regression with Applications to cell-cycle Biology

Martin Schumann - University of Luxembourg
Integrated likelihood based inference for nonlinear panel data models with unobserved effects

Beatriz Sinova - Universidad de Oviedo
An applied approach to robust statistical analysis of the location of interval-valued data

Yvik Swan - Université de Liège
Stein's method and the influence of the prior in Bayesian statistics

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Alfonso Gordaliza, Christophe Ley

Session 8: Orthogonal Polynomials and Special Functions

Alberto Arenas - Universidad de La Rioja
Weighted inequalities for the Riesz potential on the sphere

Manuel Bello - Universidad de La Rioja
Critical points of polynomials

María José Cantero - Universidad de Zaragoza

Ruyman Cruz - Universidad de La Laguna
Positive quadrature formulas on the unit circle with prescribed nodes. A new approach

Alfedo Deaño - University of Kent
Orthogonal polynomials, partition functions and asymptotic

Hendrik De Bie - Universiteit Gent
A higher rank generalization of the Bannai-Ito algebra

Antonia Delgado – Universidad de Granada
Asymptotics of Sobolev Orthogonal polynomials on the unit ball

Lidia Fernández - Universidad de Granada
An analogue of Krall orthogonal polynomials on the simplex

Juan Carlos García Ardila - Universidad Carlos III
Christoffel transformations for matrix orthogonal polynomials in the real line

Edgar Labarga - Universidad de La Rioja
A Hardy inequality for ultraspherical expansions with an application to the sphere

Ana Mendes - Polytechnic Institute of Leiria
Dynamics and interpretation of some integrable systems via matrix orthogonal polynomials

Dries Stivigny - KU Leuven

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Mirta Castro, Judit Mínguez, Walter Van Assche

Session 9: Combinatorial and Computational Geometry

Aida Abiad - Maastricht University
Switched symplectic graphs and their 2-ranks

John Bamberg - The University of Western Australia
Symmetric generalised polygons

Mónica Blanco - Universidad de Cantabria
The finiteness threshold width of lattice polytopes

Maarten De Boeck - University of Rijeka
Cameron-Liebler sets of generators in polar spaces

Nicola Durante - Università di Napoli "Federico II”
Infinite families of non linear MRD codes

Mª Ángeles Hernández Cifre - Universidad de Murcia
Extensions of Minkowski's theorem on successive minima

Clemens Huemer - Universitat Politècnica de Catalunya
Production matrices for geometric graphs

Ferdinand Ihringer - Justus Liebig University Giessen
The Manickam-Miklos-Singhi Conjecture in Partial Linear Spaces

Alberto Márquez - Universidad de Sevilla

Mari Luz Puertas - Universidad de Almería
Domination via (min,+) algebra

Carlos Seara - Universitat Politècnica de Catalunya
Rectilinear Convex Hull of a Set of Points in 2D

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Philippe Cara, Jan De Beule, David Orden

Session 10: Geometric Analysis, Differential Geometry and Quantization

Pierre Bielavsky - Université Catholique de Louvain

Ozgur Ceyhan - University of Luxembourg
Feynman Integrals, Associated Arrangements and Their Motives

José Carlos Díaz - Universidad de Santiago de Compostela
Isoparametric hypersurfaces in complex hyperbolic spaces

Michael Khanevsky - Université Libre de Bruxelles
Hofer's geometry of the space of curves

Laurent La Fuente Gravy - Université de Liège
Moment maps and closed Fedosov's star products

Ana Lerma - Universidad de Jaén
Lagrangian mean curvature fow of Hopf tori

Antonio Martínez - Universidad de Granada
The space of oriented spheres as a bridge between H3 and R3

Vladimir Salnikov – Université du Luxembourg
Graded geometry in physics and mechanics

Florian Schaetz - University of Luxembourg
Pre-symplectic structures and related deformation problems

José M. Senovilla - Universidad del País Vasco (Euskal Herrico Universitatea)
Kerr-Schild vector fields

Francisco Torralbo - Universidad de Granada
Constant mean curvature surfaces in Riemannian product spaces

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Simone Gutt, Magdalena Rodríguez, Martin Schlichenmaier