Poster sessions

José Anquela – Universidad de Oviedo
Local Nilpotency of the McCrimmon Radical of a Jordan System

Françoise Bastin, Loïc Demeulenaere, Leonhard Frerick, Jochen Wengenroth
University of Liège, University of Trier

Some results about diametral dimensions

Quentin Brouette, Françoise Point – University of Mons
On differential Galois groups of strongly normal extensions

Michel Cahen, Thibaut Grouy, Simone Gutt - Université Libre de Bruxelles
Preliminaries to the study of Radon-type transforms in a symplectic framework

V. L. Cánovas – Universidad de Murcia
Marginally trapped submanifolds in generalized Robertson-Walker spacetimes

M. Carriegos-Vieira, M.T. Trobajo – Universidad de León
A first approach to security analysis on networks with ancilliary points

J. M. Casas, E. Khmaladze, N. Pacheco Rego – Universidade de Vigo, I. Javakhishvili Tbilisi State University,
Instituto Politécnico do Cavado e do Ave

Some applications of the non-abelian tensor product of Hom-Leibniz algebras

Ildefonso Castro, Ildefonso Castro-Infantes, Jesús Castro-Infantes
Universidad de Jaén, Universidad de Granada

Plane curves whose curvature depends on distance from a point

Nastassja Cipriani, José María Martín Senovilla, Joeri Van der Veken
KU Leuven, Universidad del País Vasco

Umbilicity properties of spacelike codimension two submanifolds

Daniel de la Concepción – Universidad de La Rioja
On the generalization of analytic local loops

R. del Campo, A. Fernández, A. Manzano, F. Mayoral, F. Naranjo
Universidad de Sevilla, Universidad de Burgos

Weighted Hardy inequalities, real interpolation methods and vector measures

Teresa Cortés – Universidad de Oviedo
The Kurosh Problem for Jordan Nil Systems over Arbitrary Rings of Scalars

María de las Mercedes Ganim – Universidad Nacional de Tucumán
From elliptic functions to modular forms

J.A. Ezquerro, M.A. Hernández - Universidad de La Rioja
Some ideas to improve the domain of starting points for Newton’s method

J.M. Gutiérrez, M.A. Hernández – Universidad de La Rioja
Some variants of continuous Newton's method

Jesse Lansdown – The University of Western Australia
Finite metric planes and related objects

W. Kanaan, V. Lanchares – Universidad de La Rioja
A capture model of Jupiter's irregular moons based on a restricted 2+2 body problem

Stéphane Korvers – Université du Luxembourg
From quantum moment maps to deformation quantizations on bounded symmetric domains

Quentin Lambotte – Université de Mons
Superstable expansions of (Z,+,0)

Salvador López Alfonso – Universitat Politècnica de València
A boundedness Nikodym property in algebras of Jordan measurable sets

M. López-Pellicer, J.C. Ferrando, J. Kakol – Universitat Politècnica de València
Topological groups and spaces C(X) with ordered bases

J.M. Gutiérrez, A.A. Magreñán – Universidad de La Rioja, Universidad Internacional de La Rioja
Dynamical study of the Secant method

J.F. Mañas-Mañas, F. Marcellán, J.J. Moreno-Balcázar – Universidad de Almería, Universidad Carlos III
Asymptotic behavior of varying discrete Sobolev orthogonal polynomials

José M. Manzano, Barbara Nelli – King's College London, Università dell'Aquila
Area estimates for constant mean curvature surfaces in E(,)-spaces

Clotilde Martínez, Miguel A. Piñar – Universidad de Granada
Orthogonality for generalized Gegenbauer weight functions on the ball with an extra term on the sphere

Pedro J. Miana, Hideyuki Ohtsuka, Natalia Romero
Universidad de Zaragoza, Bunkyo University High School, Universidad de La Rioja

Some sums of powers of Catalan triangle numbers

María Jesús Rubio – Universidad de La Rioja
On a Moser-Kurchatov type method for nonlinear equations

V. Montesinos, A.J. Guirao, V. Zizler
Universitat Poltècnica de València, University of Alberta

Remarks on the set of norm-attaining functionals and differentiability

P.J. Pagola, B. Bujanda, J.L. López – Universidad Pública de Navarra
Convergent expansions of special functions in terms of elementary functions

Nathalie Regnault – Université de Mons-Hainaut/Université Libre de Bruxelles
On Topological Exponential Differential Fields

J. Yepes Nicolás – ICMAT
On linear refinements of geometric inequalities

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